Why Do I Feel So Good On Keto? [And How To Keep It That Way]

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  • Date: April 16, 2023
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You may be wondering, ‘Why Do I Feel So Good On Keto?’ It’s a legitimate question, to which there are many answers. There are a number of physical and psychological reasons why you feel so good when eating keto. In this article, we will take you through all of the reasons why you feel amazing, and how to ensure that continues.

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Feeling euphoric on the keto diet is a common side effect. I know keto gave me a new lease on life.

I had tried Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Slim Fast, juice fasts, calorie counting, you name it, I’d tried it, and none of them worked for me.


Keto was the first way of eating that I actually ‘clicked’ with. So many others have felt feeling amazing on keto.

When Will I Start Feeling Good On Keto?

Feeling Good On Keto [The Early Days]

There is no doubt that the first few weeks on keto can be rough for some. Some people will experience the keto flu. This can involve any number of symptoms such as;

  • Headaches
  • A cold (like flu)
  • Sleepless nights
  • Brain fog
  • Nausea

It is improbable that any individual will experience all of these, and generally, they are short-lived.

It is normally from week three on that you will start to feel amazing on keto.

By week three, if you have had keto flu, and you have stuck to your macros, you are likely to be coming out of the other side and starting to feel the health benefits of the keto diet.

Why Do I Feel So Amazing On Keto

This is the time when your body has rid itself of the carbs that it has been storing up for years. At this point, you will be entering ketosis, and likely well on your way to being fat adapted.

However, that being said in the first week, you are likely to experience a rapid weight loss, this is often referred to as the ‘woosh effect’. It isn’t true weight loss, you are just losing water out of your cells as part of the ketosis process. 

That being said, losing this water weight will make you feel less bloated. Furthermore, you may lose inches, this will mean that your clothes may feel loser.

Feeling less bloated, combined with your clothes feeling a bit looser is definitely going to make you feel good on keto.

It is this feeling that is likely to keep you motivated to keep going on the keto diet.

Finally, if you’re obsessed with the number on the scales, the loss of water weight in the early stages is going to show on the scales. This will undoubtedly make you feel better about yourself.

Who doesn’t love losing weight?

However, as we discuss in this article when you are the keto way of living, you should consider focussing on non-scale victories, and not the number that the scales show.

Measuring success in the number of inches lost, how well you are sleeping, or, how good you feel in yourself. These are more tangible as weight can fluctuate based on a number of different reasons.

Furthermore, if you have been used to yo-yo dieting all of your life, you have been conditioned to measure your success or failure, by the scales, this is a cycle that you need to break.

If you are interested in reading more on this, check out our guide to setting keto goals, this will help you focus less on the scales

Why Do I Feel So Good On Keto? [The Longer Term]

There are a number of reasons how, and why you feel so good on keto. We have discussed the initial reasons why you may feel so good on keto in the early days, but there are plenty of reasons why you may feel so good on keto in the long term

It’s likely that there are a number of factors that will contribute to why you feel so good on keto.

Let’s explore some of the reasons why you feel so good on keto in the long term.


Gaining a feeling of energy is one of the main benefits of the keto diet. or it certainly is for me. 

Prior to becoming a keto eater, I used to eat a relatively healthy, low-calorie, low-fat diet. I always felt sluggish.

I would be ok in the morning, not full of beans, but what had become ‘normal’ for me.

However, by mid-afternoon, I would hit a real slump. Whether I was at work, or at home, I had no energy. This would last into the evening.

Having energy on keto has changed my life

Although I used to work out, I would not enjoy it, or even thrive at it, as I did not really have the energy to do it.

Becoming a keto eater changed all of this.

Once I had become fat adapted, I was full of energy. I wake up with energy, which prior to eating a keto diet was unheard of for me. I don’t feel that afternoon slump, AND I have enough energy to enjoy my evenings, whether that is going to the gym, meeting friends, or just being productive at home.

Having consistent energy on keto is definitely one of the reasons why I feel so good on keto. This has changed my life.

Productivity [Including More Time]

Having more energy has certainly made me more productive. This makes me feel better in life and good on keto.

Having more energy makes me more inclined to do more, and this makes me feel better about myself.

Not only can I fit more into the day, but because I am more focused (I’ll talk more about this below), I get things done more efficiently.

This means not only am I more inclined to do more, I actually get through more, quicker.

Keto has made me a productivity ninja, I get more done, faster, and have more free, ‘me’ time.

There are no more hours in my day, but when I sit down to watch Netflix, I don’t feel any guilt, because I have all of my jobs done.

For most people, this is a unique feeling.

I seem to have more quality time for myself, and I can now enjoy it guilt-free.

Clarity of Mind

I no longer have brain fog. This ties in with energy and productivity above. I feel like I can think clearer. 

Ever find yourself opening a cupboard and then not remembering what you went in there for? Yup – my hand’s up! I used to do that all of the time.

Now, I have more focus, not only at home but at work.

Having more energy, being more productive, and having more focus has made me a force to be reconned with at work.

I and my colleagues have seen a noticeable improvement in the quality of what I produce at work.

I am also a better manager as I feel a lot healthier in my own physical and mental health, in order to support others. 

So, why do I feel so good on keto? The answer is simple, I’ve not only helped myself but also my family, and my colleagues.

Why wouldn’t somebody feel amazing?

Fewer Chemicals

A keto diet focuses heavily on eating natural foods. Most processed foods will contain carbohydrates/sugars.

They will also contain a lot of chemicals to help with flavoring and preserving the product.

By removing these from your diet, and nourishing your body with healthy foods, not only can your body control your blood sugar, but you are not pumping it full of chemicals.

This alone is enough to make you feel better, physically and mentally.

Better Sleep

I am cranky when I don’t sleep!

I will freely admit this.

Keto has changed this though. I now sleep solid for around 7 hours a night. They are 7 quality hours of sleep.

As I have already discussed above, I wake up feeling full of energy and ready to go.

Good quality sleep makes me happy, how about you?

Yes, I sleep less than I used to, but wow, do I feel better for it!

This is a common side effect of the keto diet that many people experience, is this maybe why you feel so good on keto?

Better Moods

I guess better moods go hand in hand with all of the above, sleeping better, having more energy, and focus, and generally being more productive are always going to make you feel better.

Is there any wonder people feel euphoric on the keto diet? There is a lot going for it.

Are you experiencing better moods on the keto diet? Could this be helping with why you feel so good on keto?

Control Over Your Health

A lot of people will say that having control over their health is what makes them feel so good on keto.

Keto can help control, or in some cases, even reverse a number of severe health conditions.

For a lot of people, this will be the first time in their lives that they have ever felt that they have had control over their health.

Control Over Your Weight

As with health, having control over your weight is going to make you feel happier.

A lot of people, myself included will have felt like their weight has been out of control all of their lives.

Control over health and weigh can be very empowering.

They will have yo-you dieted, and never felt truly in control.

Following a keto diet will not only break the cycle of food addiction but also make feel in control of your weight, health, and life – how empowering can that be?

Weight Loss And Endorphins

Studies have shown that weight loss can result in the release of endorphins.

Endorphins are hormones produced naturally in our bodies. They help us feel good and give us energy.

Endorphins also play a role in pain relief and relaxation.

Clothes Fitting Better

Your clothes fitting better is a fantastic feeling. When you can fit into those pair of jeans which you have been saving for years, because ‘one day’ you hope to fit into them again.

You did that.

There is no better feeling than being able to fit into clothes that have become too small over the years. And YOU did that.

You took control of your health, weight, and life and made it work for you. You committed to helping yourself, and you have achieved that.

Why would you not feel amazing on keto?

Other People Commenting

This is definitely a vanity metric on keto, but let’s face it, we all like a compliment. We may not be good at accepting these, and we may feel awkward at the time, but they do give us a boost.

Who doesn’t like a compliment?

Other people commenting on you looking slimmer, your skin looking better, or that you seem sharper at work are all going to make you feel good and proud that the work you have put in is paying off. 

I Like Me

This is the main reason why I feel great on keto – I LIKE ME.

This may seem a bit self-serving, but I like who I am now. That goes beyond weight, I feel healthy.

Keto has made me a more positive person.

I feel good that I have taken the time to look after myself. Not only that, but by looking after myself, I am capable of achieving so much more in life.

I am more present at home, I am more effective at work, and I’m a better friend. I am a more positive person.

Issues are no longer dramas, sent by the world to personally target me, they are problems that need solving, and then, swiftly move on to what I want to spend my time on.

When I meet a friend for coffee, I have energy, I want to speak with them, and find out what is going on in their life.

This may seem very dramatic, but if you speak to anybody who has been eating a keto diet for any length of time, they are likely to tell you the same.

Have you experienced this?

If you need a bit more self love and support, why not check out our article on keto affirmations?

How Can I feel Even Better On Keto?

If you have already been eating a keto diet and are feeling all of the benefits, and you want even more…greedy!

Only joking, if you are already accustomed to eating a keto diet and you want to set that euphoric feeling up to the next level, why not try intermittent fasting?

Intermittent fasting brings with it no end of additional health benefits. When combined with the keto diet, it can be a real powerhouse that can help you take your health and weight loss journey to the next level.

Wrapping Up: Why Do I Feel Amazing On Keto?

There are no end of physical and mental health reasons why you may feel so amazing on the keto diet. For me, the most important one is that you are taking control of your own life.

What is your experience with the keto diet? How does it make you feel?

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