Keto Facts & Keto Myths [The Truth Is Out There]

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  • Date: October 9, 2022
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There are a number of Keto Diet ‘Facts’ out there – some of which are true, some of which are false. There are a lot of keto myths out there that are clearly not true. Read on and we will play, keto myth or keto fact! Read on to find out more. [Myth number 5 may surprise you.]

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Keto Facts And Keto Myths Busted

Keto Fact No. 1: The Keto Diet Was Never Designed As A Diet

Who knew! I found this a really fun keto diet fact (yes, I know I need to get out more!). Originally, the keto diet was designed as a treatment for epilepsy in the early 1920’s in order to reduce seizures in children.

It wasn’t until the 1960’s that the benefits of the diet were translated into the weight loss world when it was used as a treatment for obesity.

So keto fact or keto myth? Keto Fact

Keto Fact No. 2: Fat Makes You Fat

Fat doesn’t make you fat! This isn’t really a ‘Keto Fact’ more of a general diet myth busted! Eating fat on keto doesn’t make you fat. Your body learns to process fat instead of sugar (glucose) on a keto way of eating.

Keto Facts AND Keto Myths

In simple terms, your body reprogrammes itself to burn fat as its source of energy, as opposed to carbohydrates (sugars). This puts your body into a state of ketosis,

So keto fact or keto myth? Keto Myth

For more on this, check out these articles;

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Keto Fact No. 3: You Cannot Eat ‘Normal Food’ On Keto

You cannot eat ‘normal’ food on a keto diet is one of the main myths about keto. In our getting started guide you will find a list of foods that you can eat on keto;

Keto for Beginners

As you will see, there are not a lot of foods ‘off limit’ on keto. Just full fat, full flavor food!

All foods can be made keto-friendly, bread, pizza, crisps, brownies, you name it, there is a keto alternative. You may just have to do a bit of research to find the right recipe for you.

The only restriction is that you keep your macronutrients (macros) at a level that will keep you in ketosis.

For more on this check out my article on Keto Macros Explained.

So keto fact or keto myth? Keto Myth

Keto Fact No. 4: Keto Needs A Lot Of Planning

‘Does Keto need a lot of planning?’, is always one of the objections that people raise with me when I tell them I eat a keto diet. 

There is no fact around this. For me, you’re either a planner or you’re not. People can change habits; I know I have over life.

Meal planning is one of these changes I have made.

That wasn’t keto specific though. I do meal plans on keto, but I did before that too.

I have spent a lot of my life on a tight budget when it comes to food.

So, to ensure that I don’t waste money, I turned to planning my meals.

Keto is not different. I eat a lot of fresh food, so to make sure that does not go off and get wasted I plan my keto meals.

This becomes really relevant if you live with people who are not eating a keto diet, as there will be ‘non-keto’ foods in the house.

Without a plan, I know, if I had a bad day at work, or was rushing home, I would be tempted to eat with the rest of the house, just to make life easier. If you have a plan, you’re less likely to do this. 

I plan 7 to 10 days ahead, depending on what I have on with work, etc. I’ll plan to eat the ingredients that are likely to go ‘off’ earlier in the week.  

So keto fact or keto myth? Keto Fact

Planning on keto will make you more likely to succeed.

Check out some of my other tips and trips for succeeding on keto.

Keto Fact No. 5: Keto Is Expensive

This is normally one of the first questions that get asked, ‘I’m on a tight budget, can I do keto?’.

I have actually saved money by eating keto.

Initially, it will appear that you are spending more money as you will need to stock your cupboards with items that you probably haven’t used before such as almond four, psyllium husk etc.

I now buy these in bulk to save money,

So keto fact or myth? Keto Myth

Keto Hacks

Keto Fact No. 6: You Can Eat All Of The Fat You Want

Although the keto diet is based on a person getting 70% of their calories from fat. Not all fats are created equal.

Unsaturated fats are still preferred to saturated fats, they are a lot healthier overall.

So, as much as eating fat forms a big part of this diet, you cannot go crazy eating all of the saturated fat you want. Sorry to disappoint!   

So keto fact or myth? Keto Myth

You cannot eat ‘all the fat you want’ on the keto diet 

Keto Fact No. 7: You Can’t Drink Alcohol

Let’s not get hasty there!!! I did a lot of research before starting to eat keto.

I don’t drink a lot, but I do like the odd drink and rare night out.

You can drink alcohol on keto.

You just have to be mindful of carbs in alcohol and make wise choices. Also, a lesson I learned the hard way – the effects of alcohol will kick in a lot quicker if you have been eating a low-carb diet. 

The first time I went drinking, I was drunk within hours. A cheap night out, but something you definitely need to be mindful of!

 So keto fact or keto myth? Keto Myth

You can drink alcohol on keto, you just need to be careful!

Keto Fact No.8: You Have To Fast For Hours On Keto

This is one of my personal favorites!  Although intermittent fasting is often associated with the keto diet, it is not something that you HAVE to do at all.

There are a number of health benefits to intermittent fasting, but it is not essential to success on a keto diet.

So keto fact or keto myth? Keto myth

You do not have to fast on the keto diet.

Keto Fact No. 9: The Science Behind Keto Cannot Be Proved

This is actually a keto fact, and a keto myth, all rolled into one!

At the time of writing, there have been a number of clinical studies completed around the keto diet.

However, their sample size has been significantly smaller than those looking at low fat and low-calorie diets.  

Early indications are very promising.

Certainly, from personal experience, I can say that this ‘diet’ has worked and been sustainable where low fat, low calorie diets have not been for me.

Don’t just take my word for it, get in the forums and the Facebook groups and check out articles from people who have succeeded in losing weight and keeping it off on keto, when they haven’t succeeded with all of the big diet companies.

This is one of my favorite articles that I always come back to for motivation.

It’s not a scientific article, by any means, but it’s great when you need to remember what you can achieve!

So for me, the science behind keto may not be there just yet, but for me, keto fact: keto works!

So keto fact or myth? Keto Fact

The science behind keto is inconclusive 

Hopefully, this has busted some of the keto myths you may have heard.

Have ‘fact’ or ‘myth’ around keto that you want us to bust? Let us know in the comments below.

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