Luxury Keto Hot Chocolate -[Homemade Luxury]

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  • Date: October 9, 2022
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This Keto Hot Chocolate is so rich and creamy that will rival any non-keto hot chocolate. The flavor of this is more intense than its nonketo counterparts. Why not make your keto hot chocolate even more decadent by adding whipped double cream and grated chocolate to the top? With only 5 ingredients you cannot go wrong!

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Who Doesn’t Love Hot Chocolate?

I don’t know anybody that doesn’t love hot chocolate.

This Keto version will not disappoint! I have tried many different combinations before settling on this recipe as my go-to when I want a hug in a mug.

This is perfect if you come in from a cold winter walk – or you have the girls around and you’re wanting a non-alcoholic drink to make all of the wrongs in the world seem right.

At only 3g of carbs, you cannot go wrong?

A ‘normal’ hot chocolate that you would pick up in a coffee shop will contain around 25g of carbs, and let’s face it if you’re having hot chocolate in a coffee shop, it’s going to be topped with sugar-laden cream, and marshmallows.

Not the keto-friendly, low sugar options that you can make at home.

Homemade Keto Hot Chocolate

How To Avoid Lumps..

…I’ve been trying to do that all of my life!

In order to avoid lumps in this keto hot chocolate, I use a super cheap electric whisk.

This quickly blitz out any lump and makes a silky smooth drink that glides down far too easily.

Whatever you do, do not try and mix the hot liquid in your NutriBullet as I did – it exploded all over the kitchen! I was finding evidence of the crime for weeks after….not my finest moment!

Add A Seasonal Flavor To Your Keto Friendly Hot Chocolate

I love trying out all of the seasonal flavors in the coffee shops. This keto takes on hot chocolate is no different.

I love using sugar free syrups to mix up my hot chocolate as well as other foods. For this recipe why not try adding a cap full of one of these flavors to give it a seasonal twist?

I love it in my keto-friendly hot chocolate as well as in my coffee, and even sometimes my morning BPC! Chocolate orange or salted caramel is my winter go-to’s! Don’t forget, you can add a big dollop of fresh whipped double cream to the top of your hot choc.

Really want to go the extra mile? Why not grate some 90% Lindt chocolate for the perfect finish?

Skinny Syrups Zero Calorie Syrup range has zero calories, zero sugar, zero dairy, zero gluten. Despite this their syrups pack in the flavor! These are perfect for keto and are 100% guilt-free #sorrynotsorry!

The sweetness in these syrups comes from Sucralose which is a zero-calorie artificial sweetener that does not spike blood sugar levels. As such it is perfect for persons living a keto / low-carb lifestyle.

If you want to learn more about sugars on keto, check out this article which will take you through which sugars are keto-friendly and which to avoid!

These syrups can not only be used in your hot drinks, but mixed into your full-fat yogurt, or into your keto mug cake mix, or your keto cookies – it will add another dimension.

Give it a go and let me know what creative mix you’ve come up with!!

Give it a go – check out this Keto-Friendly Hot Chocolate Recipe here

Why not give it a go? If you like it, please let me know! If you don’t like it, please let me know why you didn’t and I will see if I can adapt the recipe to suit your personal tastes. We’re all different!

Keto Hot Chocolate

Course: Drinks, DessertCuisine: EnglishDifficulty: Easy


Prep time


Cooking time




Total time



Carbs: 3g Fat: 20g Calories: 238


  • 70g double cream

  • 280ml almond milk or coconut milk if you prefer an even sweeter taste

  • 4 tablespoons cocoa powder

  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract

  • 4 tablespoons erythritol sweetener

  • Salt, to taste

  • Grated chocolate (min 85% Coca) to decorate


  • Blitz the cocoa powder together with the sweetener and salt in a NutriBullet until all lumps are broken up.
  • Heat milk along with the heavy cream and vanilla in a saucepan over medium heat or heat in the microwave
  • Whilst waiting for this grate the chocolate
  • Then add the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and blend together or use an electric whisk in order to ensure the wet and dry ingredients are smoothly blended.
  • Add half of the chocolate into the mixture and stir in so it melts – add the rest to the top.
  • If you want you can add whipped double cream to the top of this for a luxury feel and taste – and then add your grated chocolate to the top of that
  • Find a quiet spot to sit and savor every sip!


  • Jazz up your Keto Hot Chocolate with a flavored syrup

If you are using MyFitnessPal check out this recipe here: Keto Hot Chocolate

Clearly, I am crazy about keto! I love to hear from fellow keto-ers. If you have tried this recipe please let me know in the comments below! Have a favorite non-keto meal and don’t know how to make it in a keto-friendly way?

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