Is Good Earth Sweet And Spicy Tea Keto Friendly?

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  • Date: October 9, 2022
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Is Good Earth Sweet And Spicy Tea Keto Friendly? With a number of different flavors available, you will be pleased to know that not only are Good Earth teas keto friendly, but they also come with a number of health benefits. Read on to find our favorite picks!

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What Are Good Earth Sweet And Spicy Teas?

Good Earth is a tea company that makes a collection called Sweet and Spicy.

There is a large variety of Sweet and Spicy teas. These teas are a blend of “sweet, spicy, wild, and daring,” according to the Good Earth official website.

Nutritional Value Of Good Earth Sweet And Spicy Tea?

One cup of Good Earth Sweet and Spicy original has little nutritional value:

  • Carbs: <1 g
  • Protein: 0
  • Fat: 0
  • Calories: 0
Can I Drink Good Earth Sweet & Spicy Tea On Keto

Net Carbs In Good Earth Sweet and Spicy Tea

Net carbs (x) are calculated by deducting fiber(f) from total carbs (y). x=y-f

Since there are 0 carbs (x=0) in the original Good Earth Sweet and Spicy tea, it doesn’t have any net carbs.

Is Good Earth Sweet And Spicy Tea Keto Friendly?

Good Earth Sweet and Spicy tea collection all have 1 or fewer carbs, which makes Good Earth Sweet and Spicy tea Keto friendly. It’s a great Keto drink.

Here are the teas with carbs:

The only sweetener listed in any of the Good Earth teas is stevia, which is keto friendly.

Are There Any Good Earth Sweet And Spicy Teas That Aren’t Keto?

The entire collection of Good Earth Sweet and Spicy teas is keto-friendly. They don’t have any net carbs, so they’re perfect for those following a Keto diet.

Health Benefits Of Good Earth Sweet And Spicy Tea?

Most teas are good for digestion, with one reason being that tea is mostly water. Many teas also help to regulate cholesterol by reducing bad cholesterol and promoting good cholesterol.

Black tea is an antioxidant that enhances heart health. It’s also good for gut health. It increases the good bacteria and reduces bad bacteria.

Black tea may help manage blood pressure and reduce the chances of stroke. Black tea helps the body produce insulin and manage blood sugar levels. Black tea contains caffeine and L-theanine, which enhances concentration.

Peppermint may help relax muscles, which could be used to relieve headaches. It may also help with menstrual cramps because it can help reduce cramping. Peppermint is also used to promote brain function by helping reduce stress. Sinus pressure may be alleviated because of its menthol properties.

Each tea has its own properties because each tea has individual ingredients. Those ingredients have a direct impact on the health benefits of each tea.

Summary: Is Good Earth Sweet And Spicy Tea Keto Friendly?

In summary, Good Earth Sweet and Spicy teas are keto friendly. The teas that contain sugar, contain stevia, with is an artificial sweetener that is keto friendly and will not spike blood pressure. These teas can be a great addition to a keto diet.

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