Is Extra Sugar Free Gum Keto-Friendly? [+ Best Keto Gums]

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  • Date: May 8, 2023
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Is Extra Sugar Free Gum Keto-Friendly? Unfortunately, no, it is not keto-friendly. Extra sugar free gum is full of non-keto friendly ingredients. However, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy chewing gum on a keto diet. We have rounded up some of our favorite keto-friendly gums for you.

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What is Extra sugar-free gum?

Extra sugar-free gum is a type of gum made by Wrigley’s corporation. It has the same sweet flavor as a standard pack of Extra gum without using any sugar.

Is Sugar Free Gum Keto

Instead, sugar alcohols are used to give this gum a sweet taste, which are organic compounds that have been derived from sugars. 

While the sugar alcohols are a type of carbohydrate used to make the gum sweet, it is not the same as sugar.

This is why Extra’s sugar-free gum can be marketed with that name.

What is the nutritional value of Extra sugar-free gum?

The following information shows the nutritional value for one stick of Extra sugar-free gum in spearmint flavor. 

Calories5 calories
Total fat0
Total carbohydrates2 % (1 gram)
Carbohydrates from added sugars (sugar alcohol)1 gram
Dietary Fiber0

How many net carbs in Extra sugar-free gum?

In each stick of Extra sugar-free gum, there are 0 grams of net carbs.

This is because the carbs that are in Extra sugar-free gum come from the sugar alcohols, which doesn’t affect the blood sugar level and can be deducted from the total amount of carbs.

While there are 2 carbohydrates in one stick of sugar-free gum, it does not contribute to the net carbs. 

However, we still need to look at the ingredients as the carbs being low is not sufficient for it to be keto-friendly.

The ingredients include sugars aspartame, BHA/BHT, and acesulfame K. None of which are keto-friendly, They all are high on the glycemic index and will spike blood sugar levels, which may knock you out of ketosis.

Is Extra sugar free gum keto friendly?

Extra sugar-free gum is not keto-friendly due to the ingredients used such as aspartame, BHA/BHT, and acesulfame K.

However, this does not mean that you can’t enjoy gum on keto. There are plenty of keto friendly gum alternatives to choose from.

We have listed some of our favorites below.

Check out this article if you are a smoker and considering using nicotine gum.

What are the best keto alternatives to Extra sugar-free gum?

There has been a high demand for keto-friendly gum and many companies have taken note. If you like to chew your fair share of gum throughout the day, then Extra sugar-free gum is not for you.

In that case, try any of these keto-friendly gum alternatives:

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Summary: Is Extra Sugar Free Gum Keto-Friendly?

Unfortunately, no, Extra sugar free gum is not keto-friendly, it is full of non-keto friendly ingredients. However, as always, we have done the work for you and have listed some of our favorite keto-friendly chewing gums out there.

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