What Is The Best Red Wine To Drink On Keto? [The Ultimate Guide]

  • Author: Kara
  • Date: August 21, 2023
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If you are on a ketogenic (keto) diet, then you already know that maintaining a low carb, high-fat consumption is the cornerstone of this dieting philosophy. This paradigm shift has left many wondering how their favorite pleasures fit into this lifestyle. One such pleasure is – red wine. So let’s find out what is the best red wine to drink on keto? Whether you are hoping to infuse a bit of flavor to your dinner, lightly savoring your evening or you are attending an upscale event where wine is served, knowing which wines best fit into your keto plan can be of great benefit.

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The Nutritional Components of Red Wine [Going Beyond Carbs]

Commonly, people often target carbs when selecting keto-compliant foods and beverages. However, when it comes to picking the right red wine, one must consider other nutritional components like sugars and alcohol content.

Sugar alcohols, for example, play a significant role in influencing the net carbs present in the wine.

“The body does not fully absorb all sugar alcohols which results in lesser net carbs”

For optimal health benefits on a keto diet, prioritize finding a red wine with lower sugar content yet rich with healthy nutrients and antioxidants.

Tips On Selecting the Best Keto-Friendly Red Wines

Reduced Sugar Content

  • Opt for dry over sweet wines: Dry wines are known to have less residual sugar than sweet wines because they undergo fermentation until almost all the sugars are converted to alcohol.
  • Go for higher alcoholic percentage wines: Correlatively speaking, alcohol content correlates inversely with sugar levels. Thus, wines having an alcohol percentage higher than 12% would be worth considering.

Low- Carb Count

Wines containing 5 grams or fewer carbohydrates per serving should be prioritized.

Anything higher would not be suitable if one is keen about speeding up ketosis.

  1. Cabernet sauvignon
  2. Pinot noir
  3. Merlot

While avoiding going overboard is essential since one bad meal could potentially ruin ketosis, imbibing moderate quantities of these wines will not interfere majorly with your keto progress.

Having said that, bear in mind that consuming excessive amounts of keto-friendly foods or beverages might still negatively affect your overall calorie count leading to weight gain – ultimately defeating the purpose of embarking on the diet.

As much as we desire to indulge our cravings occasionally or reward ourselves after adhering strictly to our diets – arguably even contemplating a cheat day – implementing discipline and consistency will always remain pivotal to achieving and maintaining our health goals!

Wrapping Up: What Is The Best Red Wine To Drink On Keto?

Adhering to the ketogenic lifestyle does not mean depriving oneself completely from some life’s delicate indulgences such as savoring a glass of quality red wine now and again!

With proper understanding of what matters nutritionally while on this journey coupled with strategic choices will ensure adherence while simultaneously offering fulfillment from various food options available!

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