Are Tic Tacs Keto Friendly? [+ Approved Alternatives]

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  • Date: October 9, 2022
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Are Tic Tacs keto friendly? No. There’s the simple answer. Although these are abrilliant, handy thing to have on your person, they are not keto friendly. They are full of non-keto friendly ingredients. We have lined up some keto friendly alternatives to Tic Tacs for you. Read on to find out our favorites.

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What Are Tic Tacs?

Tic Tacs are a hard candy designed to be a breath mint.

Ferrero is the company that produces this burst of sugary joy in the mouth and has done so since 1969.

They started with a fresh mint taste to develop a line of breath mints that include things like orange, spearmint, peach, strawberry, cherry, and even banana.

Nutritional Value Of Tic Tacs?

For a single ½ gram Tic Tac:

  • Calories 2
  • Total Fat 0 grams
    • Saturated fat 0 grams
    • Trans Fat 0 grams
  • Cholesterol 0 grams
  • Sodium 0 grams
  • Total Carbohydrate 0 grams
    • Dietary Fiber 0 grams
    • Total Sugar 0 grams
    • Added Sugar 0 grams
  • Protein 0 grams
  • Calcium 0 milligrams
  • Iron 0 milligrams
  • Vitamin A 0 micrograms
  • Vitamin C 0 micrograms

As you can see, on face value, Tic Tacs appear to have no carbs, which, in theory, would make them ideal for somebody on a keto diet, but we need to do a bit more digging.

Net Carbs In Tic Tacs

There are zero net carbs in Tic Tacs.

This looks promising, however, to answer the question, are Tic Tacs keto friendly, we need to look beyond the net carbs and look at the ingredients.


Can You Eat Tic Tacs On Keto

Are Tic Tacs Keto Friendly?

NO! Although they have zero carbs, Tic Tacs are not appropriate for keto. The label is misleading and will counteract any good efforts and strides made with an average keto practice. There’s actually more than 90% sugar.

The reason why this happens is because of the sleight of hand allowed via FDA rules for labeling nutritional value.

Tic Tacs are pure sugar and artificial dyes to give them their vibrant colors.

For information, their ingredients include;

Sugar, Maltodextrins, Acid (Tartaric, Malic, Citric), Thickener (Gum Arabic), Rice Starch, Fructose, Flavourings, Anticaking Agent (Magnesium Salts Of Fatty Acids), Powdered Strawberry, Colour (Betanin), Powdered Lemon Juice, Glazing Agent (Carnauba Wax).

Many of these ingredients are not keto approved.

Best Keto Alternative To Tic Tacs?

If you still want breath mint candy or to satisfy your need for sugar, there are some other options available. Thankfully there are a number of keto alternatives to tic tacs.

Consider the list below of true net zero-carb mints and candies:

  • Stevita Naturals Hard Candy: sweetened with stevia and isomalt, these hard candies come in cherry, orange, strawberry or grape. They’re addictive in a good way.
  • Dr. John’s Peppermints: sugar-free and sweetened with erythritol and xylitol with coloring from veggie and fruit juices. There are two grams of carbs per four pieces of candy (about 18 grams).
  • Xyloburst Mints: made from 100% xylitol and no additives or sweeteners. These are some of the most ideal mints for a keto-friendly diet. They’re also excellent for dental health and quenching sugar cravings.
  • Sencha Green Tea Mints: Chock full of matcha green tea, these mints are a sugar free and are a great alternative to Tic Tacs. They aren’t strong yet take care of bad breath quickly.

Summary: Are Tic Tacs Keto?

So, are tic tacs keto friendly? No, tic tacs are not keto friendly, despite being very low in carbs, they are full of non keto ingredients, including sugars. But never fear, there are plenty of keto friendly tic tac alternatives out there, so you do not have to miss out on anything on the keto diet.

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